My Mohammed Rafi Playlist-Y

“Where’s X?”

Well, you know I didn’t do X, there’s no X in the Rafian alphabet, like no L in Japanese or no F or V in Korean and no H in Russian, because I couldn’t find any of his songs starting with X, and even Japanese and Korean, well, many languages, have no X, but Chinese and Vietnamese do. Every language has a letter it doesn’t have, like my French teacher said every teacher has a class he/she doesn’t have. And when it came to X, sunheriyaadein and bollyviewer inserted some songs that didn’t even really start with X, as if it were a blank space, but I feel those songs should really belong to whatever letter they really begin with. I really feel X is no place for a Rafi song.

So that’s why I’m leaving out X and skipping to Y.

Yeh Mera Prem Patra Padh Kar-Sangam(1964): “Read this love letter of mine, and don’t get mad, you are my life, you are my prayer…” Rajendra Kumar writes Vyjayantimala a love letter and tries to cheer her up and not get mad(“naraaz na hona”) with this dreamy Shankar-Jaikishan track. And Rafi songs, especially this one, really feel like love letters, for his voice is so rich, smooth, soft, dreamy, calm, ambient, and moreover, charming, just like hot chocolate or custard pudding or marshmallows. So much sweetness and cuteness overload in his voice. Love this song too much. It has to be on the top of this list. One of my favorite songs, one of the best songs ever sung. Because of this love letter(prem patra), it feels like an ideal song for Valentine’s Day. Had there been no L in Rafi’s alphabet, there wouldn’t have been any love letters, especially this one. This song will really keep you calm and satisfied, so don’t get mad when listening or even singing this song. So lesson learned, keep calm and don’t get mad! Stay cool!

Yunhi Tum Mujhse Baat Karti Ho-Sachcha Jhoota(1970): Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz go on a boat ride in this cute, flavorful Rafi-Lata duet from Kalyanji-Anandji. Reminds me of the Little Mermaid, where Ariel and Eric go on a ride on the land. Plus, it’s another of my favorite songs.

Yeh Parbaton Ke Dayere-Vaasna(1968): Biswajeet and Kumud Chhugani gaze around the garden with this rarity of Chitragupt. Kinda reminds me of “Jaag Dil-E-Deewana”.

Yaadon Ki Baraat-Yaadon Ki Baraat(1973): What a rocking bromantic duet picturized on Tariq Khan and Vijay Arora, with R. D. Burman’s booming score.

Yamma Yamma-Shaan(1980): Another masterpiece of Panchamda, where he sings this Arabian flair song for Amitabh Bachchan with his loud, heavy metal voice, and Rafi’s soft unicorn voice on Shashi Kapoor.

Yeh Reshmi Zulfein-Do Raaste(1969): A bearded Rajesh Khanna compliments Mumtaz’s looks, especially her hair and eyes, with this lovely solo love song from Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s direction. I remember Swarit singing this song in the Rafi episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’ Champs.

Yeh Aansoo Mere Dil Ki Zubaan Hai-Hamrahi(1963): Very poignant song from Shankar-Jaikishan’s score and picturized on a lonely, brooding Rajendra Kumar, that reminds me of that late, cool channel Rafiology, who got killed due to so many copyright issues blindly taken by other channels, like Filmi Gaane and Gaane Sune Ansune. I cry for that channel every night and day and in my sleep, even more than an ice cream or a chocolate bar. RIP Rafiology!

Yaad Mein Teri-Mere Mehboob(1963): This lightly classical duet, based on raga Darbari, feels like a fairytale, with Naushad’s sheer magic, picturized on Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana. Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame scenes. I love Mere Mehboob songs very much, so irresistible. Naushad made such epic, classical soundtracks, like also Mughal-E-Azam, Palki, Leader, and many. Gives me memories.

Yeh Dil Deewana Hai-Ishq Par Zor Nahin(1970): Dharmendra and Sadhana sing this sensual duet with S. D. Burman behind the scenes.

Yeh Maana Meri Jaan-Hanste Zakhm(1973): Feisty qawwali song, under Madan Mohan’s direction, with Navin Nischal as the lead singer on screen there.

Yeh Jo Chilman Hai-Mehboob Ki Mehndi(1971): Rajesh Khanna charms Leena Chandavarkar with this Laxmikant-Pyarelal fairytale.

Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat-Non-filmi song: This is a classical rendering of a Mirza Ghalib ghazal.

Yahoo-Junglee(1961): Shammi Kapoor insanely yells out the yahoo in this Shankar-Jaikishan earthquake in the heroine Saira Banu’s debut. Feels like a nuclear explosion. This was my favorite in my later elementary school days. And I have a joke: What’s Shammi’s favorite search engine? YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! But that was just a joke, and there was not really any Internet during Rafi’s time.

Yaad Na Jaye-Dil Ek Mandir(1963): Another sentimental song composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and picturized on Rajendra Kumar. Even if time flies, memories shouldn’t go and thus should be preserved, like those photo albums and scrapbooks. There are really a lot of things that disappear over time, but some we can’t forget. If life had a rewind button, I wish we could get to that stuff more, like the Pany Pang website, the virtual Potter Puppet Pals scene maker, the Mouse’s Sorting Hat, and of course, our beloved channel Rafiology.

Yeh Teri Saadgi-Shabnam(1964): Mehmood serenades Vijayalaxmi in this rare gem of Usha Khanna.

Yehi Hai Tamanna-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan(1964): Jolly love song picturized on Dharmendra serenading Supriya in Madan Mohan’s composition.

Yeh Raat Yeh Fizayein-Batwara(1961): This rare gem of rare musician S. Madan lights up a dark night. Feels like a moist chocolate cake.

Yehi Hai Woh Sanjh Aur Savera-Sanjh Aur Savera(1964): Tragedy stars Guru Dutt and Meena Kumari get touched in this light duet of Shankar-Jaikishan.

Yeh Desh Hai Veer-Naya Daur(1957): Dilip Kumar leads this very patriotic song of O. P. Nayyar. So proud to be an Indian, and a Rafian too!

Yamma Yamma-China Town(1962): Very peppy duet in Ravi’s score, featuring Shammi and Helen.

Yeh Tera Husn Nasha-Non-filmi song: This Madan Mohan ghazal is so soft and lovely that it soothes me like a cup of tea…

Yeh Raat Hai Pyaasi Pyaasi-Chhoti Bahu(1971): Rajesh Khanna sings this Kalyanji-Anandji bedtime song to Sharmila Tagore.

Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil-Heer Ranjha(1970): Raaj Kumar feels so lost and lonely in those deserted places as he wanders around with this soulful Madan Mohan classic.

Yeh Chand Sa Roshan Chehra-Kashmir Ki Kali(1964): Why S. H. Bihari’s lyrics are talking about a blonde, blue-eyed girl, while Shammi is really serenading this peppy O. P. Nayyar classic to a raven-haired, black-eyed Sharmila Tagore in her prime?! The lyrics don’t even match the picturization! LOL! And I even had a funny dream where Patrick watched this song on Squidward’s TV and turned it off.

Yun Rootho Na Haseena-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare(1966): Shashi charms Nanda in this light, effortless love song of Madan Mohan. But I wish Madan sahab had made more scores for Shashiji.

Yun Bekhudi Se Kaam-Non-filmi song: This rare ghazal, based on raga Malkauns, feels like an angel’s prayer…

Yeh Hawa Yeh Mastana-Akeli Mat Jaiyo(1963): Rajendra Kumar and Meena Kumari go on a sleigh ride with this blissful Madan Mohan number with some Japanese flair. Reminds me of a fairytale forest adventure.

Yeh Rang Bhare Badal-Tu Nahin Aur Sahi(1960): Pradeep Kumar and Nishi enjoy the train ride with this blissful Ravi track.

Yeh Vaada Raha Dilruba-Professor Pyarelal(1982): Dharmendra and Zeenat Aman snuggle this Kalyanji-Anandji duet like a love story. Reminds me of “Kya Dekhte Ho”.

Yeh Wadiyan Yeh Fizayein-Aaj Aur Kal(1963): Sunil Dutt looks at the open nature with this Ravi track.

Yahan Main Ajnabee Hoon-Jab Jab Phool Khile(1965): Shashi states in this soft piano track of Kalyanji-Anandji that he is a foreigner here.

Yeh Zulf Agar Khul Ke-Kaajal(1965): Helen plays a courtesan dancer in this Ravi composition, and a drunk Raaj Kumar praises her beauty in Rafi’s rich, soft, warm voice, just like milk tea.

Yeh Dil Tum Bin Kahin Lagta Nahin-Izzat(1968): Dharmendra and Tanuja try to find each other’s love in the open hills with this light duet of Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

Yeh Parda Hata Do-Ek Phool Do Mali(1969): Sanjay Khan and Sadhana tease each other in this peppy Ravi ched-chad song.

Yeh Ishq Ishq-Barsaat Ki Raat(1960): Feisty, party jolly qawwali from Roshan’s composition on raga Kalavati, featuring Bharat Bhushan.

Yeh Raat Bahut Rangeen-Shagoon(1964): Waheeda Rehman’s real-life hubby Kamaljeet renders this haunting Khayyam ghazal.

Yeh Ladka Haye Allah-Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin(1977): This superhit booming song is picturized on the rare actors Kajal Kiran and Tariq Khan. They fall in love in the garden, and when Kajal flies with the balloons, like in the Disney movie Up, that’s the funniest part. And I’m actually loving Asha’s voice here, so cute, sweet, and juicy like an orange, nothing like a chipmunk here, unlike her earlier songs, like “Bahut Shukriya,” etc. And of course, Rafi sahab’s voice is like a glossy finishing touch, like a sugar glaze in a donut. Music by Panchamda.

Yeh Gotedar Lehnga-Dharam Kanta(1982): Rajesh Khanna and Reena Roy go on a train ride in this jolly, peppy, catchy dance number composed by none other than Naushad sahab, usually known for his epic, classical songs, like “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya,” “Sawan Aaye Ya Na Aaye,” “Ek Shahenshah Ne,” and many, but this one is different and gives a new genre.

Sorting these songs by letter is as fun as sorting Disney characters into Hogwarts houses, that it makes a useful tool for that singing game called antakshari, where the next song should start with the last letter of the previous, and that was the original point that gave me the idea of sorting these songs, even if they aren’t all Rafi songs. But still, I’d like to acknowledge sunheriyaadein, bollyviewer, and also Achal Rangaswamy for inspiring and influencing me to do my own Rafi alphabets.


My Mohammed Rafi Playlist-K

If you don’t know the taste of piping hot chocolate, then you probably aren’t familiar with Mohammed Rafi’s voice. Rich, smooth, warm, sweet, soft, kind, liquid, milky, creamy, bubbly, nutty, buttery, melty, luscious, mellifluous, just like that frothy treat. His voice is so irresistible, and so are his songs. My original plan was to make an alphabet of his songs, using only one song per letter, like sunheriyaadein and bollyviewer, but there were too many songs coming to my mind and I wasn’t sure which rules or criteria to set for the songs, so I decided to jot down every possible song in my head and put them into playlists. And making those playlists of these songs sorted by letter is so fun and even more fun than choosing only one song or sticking to any rule, it’s even a useful tool for that game called antakshari, where the next song should begin with the last letter of the previous song, and if you were asked to sing a song with K, here are your options!

Kya Hua Tera Wada-Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin(1977): This is a superhit, booming, rocking song picturized on the underappreciated actor Tariq Khan and composed by R. D. Burman. It simply speaks of not wanting to forget your love or promises. I used to listen to this song on my cassette when I was very little. And this has to be one of Rafi sahab’s greatest, most unforgettable songs, with his booming, flashing, neon voice and dynamic range.

Kabhi Khud Pe-Hum Dono(1961): Dev Anand mourns the absence of his clone with this light, somber Jaidev composition based on raga Gaara(no, not that Naruto character, but that includes songs like “Aise To Na Dekho,” “Mohe Panghat Pe,” “Aap Aaye To Khayale,” “Jeevan Mein Piya,” etc.). Reminds me of my senior year of high school, where I felt very sentimental then.

Koyal Kyon Gaaye-Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayi(1971): I remember watching this song for the first time back in winter break of third grade, where the charming pair of Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana dance in the enchanted forest as they hear a cuckoo singing, as the name says, with Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s magic. Rafi really had a cuckoo voice, for its sweet, high-pitched, melodious sound, and you know many would label Lata as the nightingale voice, for the same reasons and traits. Reminds me of those fairytales, Christmas songs, classic ballet shows, especially the Nutcracker, the sugar plum fairies, Swan Lake, Shrek’s Karaoke Dance Party, and the “I Like to Move It” song in the movie Madagascar, because of them dancing under the trees and complex nature. A great, jolly, merry, happy number. Gives me memories.

Kaise Samjhaoon-Suraj(1966): I remember listening to this song a lot on tape in my third and fourth grade days. I really feel Rafi outshines Asha out of this world with his really rich, smooth, warm, sweet, liquid, soft, pearly, silky, creamy, milky, chocolatey voice(hers reminds me of an alien) in this classical Shankar-Jaikishan composition based on raga Bhairavi, penned by Hasrat Jaipuri, and picturized on Rajendra Kumar and Vyjayantimala doing a jugalbandi in the castle. The cuteness overload in Rafi’s voice is what I love the most about this song, just like a piece of chocolate cake or a Pany Pang or Smitten Kitten. And no, don’t even call me stupid, nasamajh nahin hoon, it really hurts and annoys me!

Kitna Pyara Wada-Caravan(1971): Jeetendra and Asha Parekh dance together in the misty nature with this jubilant R. D. Burman track. Gives me memories when I watched Vinit singing this lovely number in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005.

Kuch Kehta Hai Yeh Sawan-Mera Gaon Mera Desh(1971): Dharmendra and Asha Parekh enjoy the open nature with this jolly Laxmikant-Pyarelal mist.

Koi Sagar Dil Ko-Dil Diya Dard Liya(1966): Another memory from the days I used to listen to songs on tape, where Dilip Kumar broods with this lovely Naushad gem and proves with Shakeel Badayuni’s lyrics that he is not a stone but a human(“Main koi patthar nahin, insaan hoon”).

Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya-Guide(1965): It’s time Dev Anand feels lonely from his breakup with Waheeda Rehman, so he sings this S. D. Burman gem to show his sentiment. And listen to the echoes of Rafi’s soft, warm, steamy, liquid voice.

Kabhi Tera Daaman-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare(1966): Shashi and Nanda take a bliss in the park with this jolly, light qawwali-type duet, sung beautifully by both the rambunctious voice of Rafi and the baby chipmunk voice of Asha, under the composition by the genius Madan Mohan. Reminds me of my eighth grade days, when I first listened to this song.

Kabhi Raat Din Hum Door The-Aamne Saamne(1967): There goes Shashi again, hanging out with Sharmila in the open nature with this light, lovely, refreshing Rafi-Lata duet under the music direction of the great duo Kalyanji-Anandji. Reminds me of my junior year of high school.

Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya-Suvarna Sundari(1958): I remember listening to this classical duet on tape in my elementary days, based on multiple ragas, like Sohni, Miyan Malhar, Jaunpuri, and Yaman, by Aditya Narayan Rao. Like “Koyal Kyon Gaye,” it speaks of a cuckoo singing in the garden. And both voices are sounding so poetic, dramatic, and dynamic. This song is so popular that I have heard many versions of it on the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa shows, like Poonam, Anamika, Prateeksha, and Parthiv and Vaishali, in my late elementary(fourth and fifth) to early middle school(sixth grade) days. And I later found out that there were Tamil and Telugu versions of this song.

Khoya Khoya Chand-Kala Bazaar(1960): Dev Anand dances in the open sky with this blissful S. D. Burman track. And “khoya khoya chand” means that the moon seems invisible, implying the new moon days, or “dooj ka chand,” while a full moon is a “chaudhavin ka chand,” like that Sleeping Beauty-type song picturized on Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman.

Kabhi Kabhi Aisa Bhi-Waris(1969): Jeetendra and Hema Malini go on a car ride in the twilight with this blissful love duet, sung by Rafi and Lata, and composed by R. D. Burman. I love going on car rides in the twilight.

Kal Raat Zindagi Se-Palki(1967): Rajendra Kumar sings out his little bible with this serious, classical Naushad track. It even reminds me of those songs from the movie Mere Mehboob.

Kahan Chal Diye-Jhuk Gaya Aasman(1968): A rambunctious one, as Rajendra Kumar chases a naughty Saira Banu in the park with this uplifting Shankar-Jaikishan track. Reminds me of my middle school days.

Kisi Na Kisi Se-Kashmir Ki Kali(1964): Shammi rides his car all alone in the hills like a Turner Falls ride with this O. P. Nayyar track. I used to go to Turner Falls back in fourth grade. It was a very hilly area.

Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Baghair-Non-filmi song: This is a well-known non-filmi song, with Madan Mohan’s magic, and it speaks of the sorrows of the world(“saara jahaan udaas hai”).

Kaan Mein Jhumka-Sawan Bhadon(1970): This is the debut film of both Navin Nischal and Rekha, with music given by Sonik-Omi. It’s a peppy, shaky, rambunctious solo by Rafi, where Navin teases and plays with Rekha in the fields.

Kya Miliye Aise Logon Se-Izzat(1968): Dharmendra renders this emotional Laxmikant-Pyarelal number with Rafi’s smooth, dynamic, liquid voice, like a hot, steamy pudding straight from the oven.

Kal Raat Wali Mulaqat Kijiye-Raja Saab(1969): Shashi and Nanda get on this Kalyanji-Anandji boat ride and romance in the gardens. Reminds me of the titular song of Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayi, because of the boat and garden scenes.

Kya Mil Gaya Kya Kho Gaya-Sasural(1961): Rajendra Kumar and B. Saroja Devi romance with this light, blissful Shankar-Jaikishan duet.

Karke Jiska Intezar-Hamrahi(1963): Here come Rajendra Kumar and Shankar-Jaikishan again, serenading with Jamuna in this lovely duet.

Kaun Hai Jo Sapnon Mein Aaya-Jhuk Gaya Aasman(1968): The great combo of Rajendra Kumar and Shankar-Jaikishan again, going on a jeep ride. Inspired by Elvis Presley’s song “Margarita.”

Kahan Ja Raha Hai-Seema(1955): What an emotional, heart-touching composition of Shankar-Jaikishan. I guess that’s Balraj Sahni on the piano. And Rafi’s voice is so rich and thick as cream.

Kya Kar Diya Bata To Zara-Rani Aur Jaani(1972): Anil Dhawan and Bindu flirt in the open nature with this rare gem composed by the lesser-known Satyam. And the setting reminds me of the Teletubbies, a favorite show of mine when I was a baby.

Koi Deewana Tumhe Chahega-Teri Talash Mein(probably 1965 or 1968): Lesser-known Rafi-Asha duet, but the film was never picturized, though the cast is said to have consisted of Sailesh Kumar and Kumkum. Music by Sapan Jagmohan. Reminds me of “Tu Hi Woh Haseen Hai” from Khwab.

Khuli Palak Mein Jhoota Gussa-Professor(1962): Shammi serenades the lovely Kalpana with this light Shankar-Jaikishan number.

Kitni Rahat Hai Dil Toot Jaane Ke Baad-Non-filmi song: Rafi’s voice feels like a spicy nacho cheese sauce in this classical Taj Ahmed Khan ghazal, sounds like rich, smooth, and warm, yet explosive, dynamic and kicking. Yet the lyrics speak of relieving after a broken heart, like when I try to do something fun when I’m having problems.

Khudaya Khair-Aaye Din Bahaar Ke(1966): Dharmendra sways this jubilant Laxmikant-Pyarelal solo track to Asha Parekh.

Keh Do Koi Na Kare Yahan Pyar-Goonj Uthi Shehnai(1959): Another memory from those cassette days. So roller coaster voice, Rafi sings so dynamically with his rich, thick, powerful, high-pitched for Rajendra Kumar in this Vasant Desai composition.

Khilona Jaan Kar Tum To-Khilona(1970): An imprisoned Sanjeev Kumar expresses his feelings through Rafi’s soulful voice and Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s sheer magic.

Kar Chale Hum Fida Jaan-O-Tan Saathiyo-Haqeeqat(1964): Very popular patriotic song composed by Madan Mohan, speaks of the Indo-Chinese war, and because the Chinese were involved there, it even reminds me of Mulan. And look at Rafi’s bold, dynamic, loud, powerful voice in this rebellious song.

Kahin Ek Masoom Nazuk Si Ladki-Shankar Hussain(1977): I know this Khayyam gem is from a 1977 movie, but Rafi’s voice, picturized on Kanwaljit Singh in his prime, sounds so cute, young, soft, quiet, juvenile, and pastel as the 60s, and so charming as a fairytale, like a unicorn, or even Prince Charming describing his princess. So if Rafi were Prince Charming, who would be his princess? Snow White? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Belle? Rapunzel? Well, there are so many princesses around, not necessarily just Disney princesses, but there can only be one prince charming, so that’s why there can never be another Mohammed Rafi. So speechless song. And Kanwaljit used to appear in the 90’s show Family No. 1, at the time of Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, etc.

Kahe Itna Ghuman Goriye-Bharosa(1963): What a thrilling Ravi composition as Guru Dutt and Asha Parekh dance around at the fair that wouldn’t last forever!

Khud To Badnaam Hue-Chanda Aur Bijli(1969): So classical duet with Shankar-Jaikishan’s magic, rendered on Sanjeev Kumar and Padmini. I’m guessing it’s based on raga Kalavati.

Kahe Ko Bulaya-Humshakal(1974): Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja romance in the woods with this light R. D. Burman track.

Koyal Boli Duniya Doli-Sargam(1979): This dreamy Laxmikant-Pyarelal song speaks of a bird chirping.

Kehdo Kehdo-April Fool(1964): Biswajeet and Saira Banu go on a boat ride on a sunny day with this Shankar-Jaikishan track.

Koi Jab Raah Na Paye-Dosti(1964): Here comes blind Sudhir Kumar again, singing this Laxmi-Pyare classic to the people in the public.

Kitna Rangeen Hai Yeh-Picnic(unreleased): Wished Guru Dutt and Sadhana had made more movies together, but too bad Guru hung himself in his prime way too soon in 1964, so this seems to have been filmed in the early 60s or so. Like, take the movie Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi, his last movie as a director. He was going to play the lead role, but he eventually got replaced with Dharmendra, and the songs, that were planned to be done by S. D. Burman, were finally given by O. P. Nayyar. But this song is composed by N. Dutta, a duet beautifully rendered by Rafi and Asha.

Koi Pyar Ki Dekhe Jadugari-Kohinoor(1960): Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari go horse riding with this crazy Naushad track.

Kya Kehne Masha Allah-Jee Chahta Hai(1964): Rare classical Rafi-Suman duet with Kalyanji-Anandji’s magic, picturized on Joy Mukherjee and Rajshree. And see that Rafiology label? I miss that channel very much. They got killed due to so many copyright problems. They used to be very inactive during their last few years, not posting anything then.

Kajre Ki Kasam-Ram Kasam(1978): Rekha does a snake dance in this Sonik-Omi snake charm.

Kisko Pyar Karoon-Tumse Acchha Kaun Hai(1969): Shammi rocks and rolls in this booming Shankar-Jaikishan track with Rafi’s wild, loud, roaring, rambunctious lion voice, holding so many phones. Tanmay from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’ Champs brought me here.

Koi Bata De Dil Hai Jahan-Main Chup Rahoongi(1962): What a sweet, adorable Rafi-Lata duet composed by Chitragupt, picturized on Meena Kumari and Sunil Dutt swinging in the lovely garden. I just love this jodi of singing, their voices pair really well like chocolate-covered strawberries.

Kaise Jeet Lete Hain-Sajan Bina Suhagan(1978): Vinod Mehra lip-synchs to Rafi’s soft voice in the enchanted forest with this Usha Khanna composition.

Kya Hua Maine Agar Ishq Ka Izhaar Kiya-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon(1963): Shashi and Ragini party along with the masses with this rare, yet snappy Iqbal Qureshi gem. And both voices of Rafi and Asha are sounding kinda like chipmunks.

Khanke To Khanke-Vallah Kya Baat Hai(1962): Music by Roshan, but doesn’t feel like him, rather more like O. P. Nayyar’s style, picturized on Shammi Kapoor and Bina Rai. A jolly one.

Koi Bole Ram Ram-Guru Manyo Granth(1977): So enchanting and charming, even more than the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan version, which has more of a qawwali background. But Rafi has a smooth, soft, pudding-type voice, and his rendering of this song is such a fairytale bhajan-type song. This one is Punjabi, while others are Hindi.

Karam Nahin Bikta-Kaun Saccha Kaun Jhoota(1977): Feels like a disco party background song, but it’s actually picturized in a desert setting with the guy on his horse. Strange.

Ki Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi-Charas(1976): Dharmendra and Hema Malini roam around the streets with this Laxmikant-Pyarelal number.

Kya Tumne Dil Liya Nahin-Non-filmi song: Rare, speechless, classical ghazal…

Kitni Haseen Ho Tum-Yeh Dil Kisko Doon(1963): Shashi and Ragini go on a carriage-type ride with this soft, light Iqbal Qureshi number.

Kitni Jawan Hai Zindagi-Shehnai(1964): Here it comes again, Rafi singing for both Johnny Walker and Biswajeet in the garden, like “Bagh Mein Phool Kisne” from Night in London, except that is a duet composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, and this is a “solo” composed by Ravi.

Kya Dekhte Ho-Qurbani(1980): What a chic, summery duet picturized on Zeenat Aman and Feroz Khan, composed by Kalyanji-Anandji. And when I listen to this song on my headphones, it gives me a funny feeling where Asha is singing in my left ear and Rafi in right, LOL!

Kya Kya Rang Dikhaye Zindagi-Badi Didi(1969): Poignant, situational Ravi song as Nanda broods and cries on her chair in the living room. Probably sounds like raga Shivaranjani.

Khush Rahe Tu Sada-Khilona(1970): What an emotional bidaai song with a rich, warm, liquid voice of Rafi sahab in Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s pixie dust, reminds me of “Babul Ki Duayein” very much.

Kaisi Haseen Aaj-Aadmi(1968): This Naushad duet, picturized on Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumar, has two versions, both with Rafi singing for Dilip. The original version had Talat Mehmood singing for Manoj, but Manoj felt it didn’t suit him, so Talat was replaced by Mahendra Kapoor in the final version.

Kabhi Ithla Ke Chalte Ho-Aap Ki Parchhaiyan(1964): Dharmendra compliments Supriya’s moves with this snappy, blissful duet by Madan Mohan behind the woods.

Kya Kya Na Sahe-Mere Huzoor(1968): What a top-knotch, clappy qawwali song composed by Shankar-Jaikishan with picturization in Jeetendra and Mala Sinha…

And it’s been a long, huge kilo collection of songs. Feels like a Rafi kingdom, where Rafi would be considered as the king of the singers. Thanks for reading!

My Mohammed Rafi Playlist-C

I thought of making my own version of ABC meme of Mohammed Rafi’s songs as inspired by sunheriyaadein’s version, but there were too many songs that came to my mind, that it became hard for me to choose only one song per letter, so I decided to brainstorm every possible song per letter in playlists. I’ve done A and B so far, so now it’s time for, C for cool and charming!

Chahoonga Main Tujhe-Dosti(1964): Composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal with roots from raga Pahadi, this sentimental song is picturized on a blind Sudhir Kumar, who had later lived a tragic ending, in this black-and-white feature. Sudhir walks all around the streets for his crippled friend, played by Sushil Kumar. This song is a poignant one that waters my eyes and melts my heart out, like rain. An addictive song that I can’t stop playing, so irresistible. Gives me memories, ever since I was little…

Chup Gaye Saare Nazare-Do Raaste(1969): Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz romance in the rain with this snappy Laxmikant-Pyarelal score. This unforgettable duet, by Rafi and Lata, remains a classic. Their voices pair very well like chocolate-covered strawberries, where rich, smooth, suave, melty meets cute, sweet, juicy, refreshing. Another irresistible one.

Chala Bhi Aa, Aaja Rasiya-Man Ki Aankhen(1970): Composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal again, Waheeda Rehman searches for her love, Dharmendra.

Caravan Guzar Gaya-Nai Umar Ki Nai Fasal(1965): Ideal song to deal with adversity, anger management, devastation, and such tough sitches. Music by Roshan.

Chand Mera Dil-Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin(1977): Superhit rocking classic composed by the booming R. D. Burman and picturized on rare actor Tariq Khan.

Chaudhavin Ka Chand Ho-Chaudhavin Ka Chand(1960): With so much richness and cream in Rafi’s voice, like that of a Prince Charming, lent by Guru Dutt to the lovely princess Waheeda Rehman, this titular song, composed by Ravi on raga Pahadi, remains an all-time classic. And Waheeda Rehman looks like a Sleeping Beauty! Prince Charming singing for Sleeping Beauty! This song is such a fairytale!

Chehre Pe Giri Zulfein-Suraj(1966): Vyjayantimala falls off, yet Rajendra Kumar tries to rescue her with this catchy Shankar-Jaikishan magic.

Choo Lene Do Nazuk Honthon Ko-Kaajal(1965): A drunk Raaj Kumar swoons over Meena Kumari with this soft, light, slow Ravi composition.

Chal Prem Nagar Jayega-Jeet(1972): Peppy, bubbly duet picturized on the outgoing pair of Randhir Kapoor and Babita. And it’s a horsecart song, that we usually relate with O. P. Nayyar, like “Maang Ke Saath Tumhara”, “Banda Parwar”, and “Yeh Kya Kar Dala Tune”, or even Naushad, like in “Dil Mein Chupa Ke” and “Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena”, but the music here must be composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, I guess.

Chhalkaye Jaam-Mere Humdum Mere Dost(1968): What a soft, sensual voice, lent by the dashing Dharmendra to the ethereal Sharmila Tagore with this light love song composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Chhadi Re Chhadi-Mausam(1975): Enchanting duet picturized on Sanjeev Kumar and Sharmila Tagore in the woods, this Madan Mohan masterpiece perks up this Gulzar classic.

Chadhti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani-Caravan(1971): Peppy, bubbly tribal song on Aruna Irani and Jeetendra, with the magic of R. D. Burman. This is the pure, original, unremixed version.

Chana Jor Garam-Kranti(1981): Hema Malini tries to sell this little treat with this catchy Laxmikant-Pyarelal song.

Chehre Se Apne Aaj To Parda Uthaiye-Palki(1967): Like “Chaudhavin Ka Chand”, it’s now time for Rajendra Kumar to lend such a soft, smooth melody to Waheeda, with Naushad’s sheer magic and embellishment.

Chalo Re Doli-Jaani Dushman(1978): Look at that high pitch in Rafi’s voice, showing his pain and grief on such a miserable sitch.

Chal Ud Ja Re Panchi-Bhabhi(1959): Kinda like “Chalo Re Doli”, high pitched and emotional with misery, but even a bigger misery, I couldn’t even find a movie version of this song.

Chahe Paas Ho Chahe Door Ho-Samrat Chandragupta(1956): This is the debut film of music director Kalyanji, before even his little brother Anandji joined him.

Chura Liya Hai Tumne-Yaadon Ki Baraat(1973): With R. D. Burman’s booming music, this rocking love song, a Rafi-Asha duet, remains a superhit classic, featuring Zeenat Aman and Vijay Arora.

Chal Diye Tum Kahan-Ek Kunwara Ek Kunwari(1974): Rare gem by Kalyanji-Anandji, with some Arabian flair, picturized on Rakesh Roshan and Leena Chandavarkar.

Choti Si Mulaqat Pyar Ban Gayi-Choti Si Mulaqat(1967): Shankar-Jaikishan composed this peppy party song to be picturized on Uttam Kumar and Vyjayantimala.

Chal Diye Banda Nawaz-Mr. and Mrs. 55(1955): Flirty Rafi-Geeta duet composed by the rhythm king O. P. Nayyar and picturized on Guru Dutt and cutie pie Madhubala.

Chand Zard Zard Hai-Jaali Note(1960): Another flirty duet with O. P. Nayyar’s magic, now it’s time for Dev Anand and Madhubala to sing it.

Chand Sa Mukhda-Insan Jag Utha(1958): Soft, light duet composed by S. D. Burman, where Sunil Dutt serenades Madhubala’s beauty and cuteness.

Chupa Kar Meri Ankhon Ko-Bhabhi(1959): Cute wedding song and duet, with cutie Shyama in it. Composed by Chitragupt.

Chand Takta Hai Idhar-Dooj Ka Chand(1964): Rare, unseen melody, but a lovely duet track composed by Roshan.

Chupnewale Saamne Aa-Tumsa Nahin Dekha(1957): Shammi flirts to a lot of girls with this light O. P. Nayyar track.

Chale Aa Rahe Hain-Non-filmi song: Based on raga Pahadi, the tune really reminds me of the Swayamvar song “Mujhe Choo Rahi Hai”, and how dynamic Rafi sounds in here, like a roller coaster…

Chakke Mein Chakka-Brahmachari(1968): Shammi goes for a ride with these little kids around the world with this fun Shankar-Jaikishan track.

Chanda Ko Dhoondne-Jeene Ki Raah(1969): Now it’s time for Jeetendra to sing this sweet Laxmikant-Pyarelal number to these helpless children.

Chaman Ke Phool Bhi Tujhko-Shikari(1963): Ajit romances Ragini by telling her that the flowers in the garden treat her as the rose, and Ragini does look pink and lovely as a rose. This song even reminds me of the song “Tum To Pyar Ho Sajna” from Sehra, for its roots are based on raga Maru Bihag.

Chalo Dildar Chalo-Pakeezah(1971): Raaj Kumar and Meena Kumari render this lovely duet in the twilight boat ride.

Image result for chalo dildar chalo

Champa Khili Dar-Faisla(1988): Vinod Mehra swoons this R. D. Burman melody over a blinded Saira Banu. This movie was released in 1988, but it really feels 70s-ish, due to a much delayed release.

Chale Ja Chale Ja-Jahan Pyar Mile(1969)-Like “Chahoonga Main Tujhe”, this is a great song to think of wandering in the dark streets.

Chha Gaye Badal-Chitralekha(1964): Here come the great trio of Meena Kumari, Pradeep Kumar, and Roshan again!

Chal Mere Bhai-Naseeb(1981): Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan act like brothers in this movie. And look at that Horlicks ad…

Chheda Mere Dil Ne-Asli Naqli(1962): Another Shankar-Jaikishan party song, but this time on the debonair Dev Anand.

Chand Raat Hai-Kismat(1956): Rare, unseen melody, but this vintage Rafi-Asha duet feels like a floating magic carpet ride, like in Aladdin.

Chirag Dil Ka Jalao-Chirag(1969): This Madan Mohan composition speaks of putting the light into darkness.

Chal Beta Left Chal Beta Right-Do Dilon Ki Dastan(1966): Never seen but heard, but this snappy rhythm with the clip clops of O. P. Nayyar feels like a Johnny Walker-type song.

Chhed Mere Humrahi-Mastana(1970): Here comes the dashing Vinod Khanna in his prime…

Chali Chali Re Patang-Bhabhi(1959): Jolly duet, with all that fun in flying the kites…

Chali Mere Dulhan Ki-Darpan(1970): Sunil Dutt serenades Waheeda Rehman in the beach with this Laxmikant-Pyarelal composition.

Chale The Saath Mil Ke-Haseena Maan Jayegi(1968): The charming Shashi lends this light Kalyanji-Anandji love song to the lovely Babita.

Indeed a cool, charming, chocolatey voice Rafi had. Like there can be only one Prince Charming, there can be only one Mohammed Rafi, but his songs sure are numerous. It felt really cool to find out some new songs over time. Each song feels like a collectible. Many of us are crazy about these songs. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

You can listen to the playlist here.