Senior Year-The Worst Year of My Life

When I was in my senior year of high school, I felt like Rafe Khatchadorian from the Middle School books, because most of the year, I disliked school and loved drawing very much. I knew it very much reminded me of this book.

 Because it was my worst year, I disliked school very much, and I wanted to spend more time drawing. Except it was senior year.

Here’s how I looked on the very first day of senior year:

I was smiling with expectations for a year as good as usual, but as the year progressed, things were getting worse.

When I got my schedule changed, I got moved from A lunch to C lunch. A lunch was nice with all my friends, but in C lunch, I felt lonely, and it was very strict, and I had no chance to go back to A lunch, unlike sophomore year, where I was originally in fifth period lunch, but got moved to third period lunch in November. I finally did get to go back to fifth period lunch in May. And junior year, I was in B lunch all year, and my 4th period teacher(French teacher) allowed me to visit other lunch periods on test days. But senior year, I had to go to my 4th period(art) class C lunch everyday, and I did not get to visit B lunch at all, and I did not get to go back to A lunch. They removed me from French class, but they couldn’t remove me from gym. How cruel!

The second weekend, I had Korean ramen for lunch. But it was so spicy that I couldn’t finish it, so I had to cool down my tongue with a popsicle. 

In the evening, I wanted to go to that new Japanese store Daiso,

but my little sister Risu wanted to go to Burlington instead.

My dad said we would have no time to go to other stores, because it was already nighttime. I was annoyed to hear this. When we went home, I burst into tears. I couldn’t even sleep. Mom said, “Stop crying! It’s no use crying as long as we’re not going to Daiso!”

 And the next weekend, on Saturday, Risu wanted to go to school, but I repeatedly hollered, “I don’t wanna go to school!”

 Dad said, “You better stop crying and misbehaving!”

 The next day, on Sunday, I was drawing some pictures, but Dad said, “You should be studying for SAT.”

 “Hmph!” I did not want to take Dad’s words.

 The next day, at school, Nia, then a freshman, asked, “How was your weekend?”

“Awful,” I replied. 

That week, we got our progress reports. I got good grades on all of my classes except English with a D and stats with an F. Dad was mad at me for failing stats. He said, “You think you’re a kid and you can draw pictures and listen to music? You say you’re having bad days like Alexander, but your days are even worse than his! And that is so stupid of you!”

 And Dad was right. I was really being stupid and childish at that time, unlike other years.

 At the end of the month, there was supposed to be the ACT test for seniors, but it got postponed to the middle of the next month.

 By that time, my psychology and economics teacher, whom I had for geography in freshman year, got transferred to another school, so it was time to change our psychology classes.

 We got our report cards. I passed everything but stats with a freakin’ 44!

 The next day was the real ACT day. My left arm was already hurting that I wanted to relax to rest it. But Dad said, “Relaxing is bad! Relaxing is not good! If you fail one more time, we will go to Thailand!”

 Two days later, I got my new schedule. I was now removed from psychology and stats and computer science and AQR(a math class) were added, but that bogus gym class was still there. 

 In gym, there was Queen. I knew her face in junior year, but I never talked to her then. I started talking to her for the first time. She said she was my best friend, but she asked me questions I was not comfortable answering, because she believed that best friends should share private information, which I did not believe. Thus, she was NOT really my best friend.

 AQR was easy at first, but as the year progressed, the class was getting tougher and more useless. It was even tougher than the precal class I took in junior year.

 The next month, I had started becoming obsessed with that game Candy Crush. It was so addicting that I almost lost my interest in doing other things, be it schoolwork or drawing. I never played that game in junior year or earlier.

And Thanksgiving break was not as great as the one in junior year, because I was doing only Candy Crush. And on Thanksgiving day, Dad told me to grow up, which I did not want to do. But in the Thanksgiving break of my junior year, things were calmer, I was more into my work, and Dad did not have to tell me to grow up, because I was more mature and diligent then. But senior year, I got lazy, and I couldn’t control my emotions.

 The next month, a new girl came to my school. Her name was Tamia. She was in my anatomy and economics classes. She showed our teachers her paperwork from her old school. When we were playing Kahoot in economics, she won the game.

 On the weekend before finals week, we went to Patel Brothers. Dad lectured me too much and said me to not go on Facebook or play Candy Crush.

 The weekend after finals week, I wanted to go to a non-Indian store, like H-Mart or Trader Joe’s, but instead, we went to Patel Brothers again, duh!

 And the break went very fast, without a single H-Mart visit, and that brought me down to tears. And I could tell it was already becoming a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year, just like Alexander’s day!

 When it was time to go back to school, it was time for the second semester to come. Mr. Hughes, the assistant principal, said it was going to be a smooth transition, but for me, it was a rough and tough transition. And there were so many reasons why. 

 I was getting sick with a very long cough that I couldn’t get rid of immediately.

I had to wake up much earlier, which I really disliked.

I couldn’t sneak to talk to my best friends.

The teachers were getting stricter.

And things started getting boring and repetitive that I started getting bored and homesick.

And all that repetition of horrible happenings failed me.

And the week after my 18th birthday, in government class, I told Monica and Tom that my English teacher Ms. Guinn did not teach the material very well, but they said they would tell her I said it. In English class, Tamia told Ms. Guinn the whole story, and I felt embarrassed. I was even scared to tell Dad at first, but when I told Dad, he said I was crying. And I could tell, it was already being a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad senior year!

And because I couldn’t stand school then, I felt like drawing this poster in art class.

 Then there was the awards ceremony. I thought I would get an award, but I didn’t get any, and there were so many reasons why. I didn’t like school, I went on Facebook too much, I was in all regular classes, I was bullied a lot, I could not control my emotions, I had a poor attitude, I did not work that hard, and I was really stupid. I felt so miserable. Mom said junior year was better, because I was calmer, smarter, more diligent, took pre-AP classes, got better grades, had a more positive attitude, did not have Facebook, and did get to be class favorite, and I agreed with her. But in senior year, because I was stupid, I did not get any awards at all. 

Only the smart people got awards, like Ben. He was smarter and more diligent than I, took all AP classes, got some scholarships, did not go on Facebook much, and never complained about his work.

And Jake, too. He got an award in stats.

And so did Gigi, Casey, Cassidy, Hudson, Kain, Chastity, Kramer, Rocky, Elise, Etayehu, Maria, Queen, Graciela, Elizabeth, Ford, and Sheldon, but not Taylor, Will, Sarah, Austin, Marc, and Nick. 

 And then came graduation day. 

 Even after graduation, I still had a lot of work overload in the summer that I had much less time for favorite stuff, unlike my other summers. I got so many punishments, like on July 12, I wanted to listen to the radio, but Dad had to turn off the radio and lecture me all night. And on July 31, I wanted to go to a mall, like Northpark, or any store other than Burlington, like H-Mart or Michael’s, but Risu wanted to go to Burlington itself instead just to return her clothes, and we went to Burlington only. Then we went straight home. It felt too early to go straight home, but we had to, because I had some work to do. And I felt too old for those punishments, but sorry, I was very immature, I had to do all that work, and Dad had to lecture and punish me too much and treat me more like a baby than a grown adult. And it really was an abysmal year for me. It was an ugly, horrendous reality, though everyone expects it to be easy and fun. Don’t judge a book by its cover, so don’t judge a year by your friends’ reviews. And junior year, which my friends said to be the hardest year, was actually nice for me. My hardest year was none other than senior year, which everyone else thought of as the easiest. Senior year treated me very unfairly.

How I Got to Know Bluecloudcandy

One of the people on DeviantArt I admire…

It was freshman year, and I was looking at images of My Little Ponies mashed up with Disney princesses, and I found this picture:


Then when I clicked to see the page, it was in DeviantArt, and it was published by bluecloudcandy, who loved MLP, Disney, Winx Club, and Monster High, and here are her other mashups:

Then in sophomore and junior years, bluecloudcandy was more interested in drawing portraits, like Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and herself.

That inspired me to do portraits of Indian celebrities, like Dharmendra, Asha Parekh, and Daler Mehndi.

And in my senior year, I faced so much stress that I made this poster

with some inspiration from her elaborate doodle, as well as the Middle School books.

So bluecloudcandy is a very inspiring artist that I like to draw in her styles as well. People, like my family and friends, look at my pictures, and I look at bluecloudcandy’s pictures. That’s how we get inspired, from generation to generation.

In Memory of a Beloved Blogger…

Missing one of my friends from “golden” era

A long time ago, it was my sophomore year, and I used to love Harry Potter and Disney so much. I saw a tumblr blog that sorted Disney characters into Hogwarts houses. Its name was The Mouse’s Sorting Hat, and its founder went by sortingdisney, and here’s how its icon looks like:


That’s right. Mickey Mouse wearing the Sorting Hat, right?

And here are some of its posts:

The Gryffindors:(Red frames)

The Slytherins:(Green frames)

The Ravenclaws:(“Blue” frames; the frames don’t look “blue” at all to me, they look more whitish-grayish…)

And last but not least, the Hufflepuffs:(Yellow frames)

Sortingdisney had been very active and prolific during that golden era, but had gone downhill by the dark days of senior year, that it was not making any more posts that year. It was then on the verge of deletion. I, too, had a lot of schoolwork to do then, even more than sophomore year, and I even had a test to take over the following summer, unlike other summers. After the test, I checked sortingdisney, but it was gone and deactivated. I was saddened, so I decided to print its sortings and put them in my memory box. Plus, I made a video of their posts:

May sortingdisney’s soul dwell in our hearts forever! RIP!

Please Bring Back My Favorite Yogurt!

Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Muller to me, to me…

Once upon a time, in the good old days of the late summer of 2013, when I was a freshman going to sophomore year in high school, we went shopping at Walmart, but when we got to the dairy aisle, something caught my eyes. It was a new brand of yogurt. It was a rich, smooth, silky, thick, creamy, white, yet lowfat yogurt that came in different flavors and shapes. Its name was Muller, Muller yogurt. It came in Muller FrutUp, which was yogurt topped with bubbly fruit mousse, and Muller Corner came in a divided square container with yogurt on one chamber and the toppings, be it fruit, nuts, cereal, or choco balls, on the other.

I loved this new yogurt so much that I almost ate it for lunch everyday, especially at school. Eating this yogurt not only caught my tongue, but it made me feel like traveling around the world, especially going to Europe, particularly Germany, because it was a German-originated brand, and it had the motto “Muller: The European for Yummy”. It was so irresistible that it became my favorite brand of yogurt, even more than Chobani, Yoplait, or Dannon. The Muller yogurt was produced in the Batavia factory of New York and run by Muller Quaker Dairy, a joint venture of leading oatmeal brand Quaker and leading European(particularly German) brand Muller.

My favorite Muller FrutUp flavors were strawberry, peach and passion fruit, and orange. They were sweet, a bit tart, and bubbly. But the lemon one was my least favorite, because of its overly bitter, not so sweet flavor.

And on to Muller Corner, the choco balls were my favorite, because they looked very playful and entertaining.

And in early 2015, that was my junior year, there came the ice cream variety, which resembled a healthier version of ice cream.


But something evil happened in late 2015, or senior year. Muller and Quaker decided to exit their joint venture Muller Quaker Dairy and close their factory. The Muller yogurt line was fading, because and it was all gone by the gloomy summer of 2016, where I had no time for fun stuff. Those were the dark days.

But as the summer was ending, I saw the Chobani flip, that reminded me of Muller Corner.


It tastes delicious, just like the Muller Corner, but I still miss Muller. I miss Muller yogurt and the good old days of 2013-mid 2015, forever. I wish Muller Quaker Dairy was still running, the factory was still open, and the Muller yogurt would still be sold. Please bring back my favorite yogurt! RIP(Return if possible) Muller yogurt!