RIP Alan Rickman

It was the beginning of the second half of my senior year, and I came to school, sick and unaware. In anatomy class, my friend Kain said, “The guy who played Snape died. He was 69.”

Hearing the context of the news, I knew he was talking about Alan Rickman.

Then in math class, I told Rocky, “Do you know that Alan Rickman passed away?”

“Yes,” Rocky said. “It’s tragic.”

“I had a nightmare that Rupert Grint passed away.”

“But he’s too young to die.”

Then in computer science class, I wrote an article regarding Alan Rickman’s death on Fanpop.

And when I came to my college advisor Ms. Mojica’s office for lunch, my friend Will said, “Snape died.”

And when I came home from school, I asked Dad, “Do you know who died?”

“Snape,” Dad said. Then he sang the Snape song.

And everyone was sad to tell about Rickman’s death.

And two days later, I drew a portrait of Rickman using charcoal pencils.

Alan Rickman Portrait by SparklyBlueRoses84

And things moved from bad to worse, and became more hectic.

Now, it’s been 2 years since Rickman passed away, so today marks his 2nd death anniversary.


When I Wanted a Red Sweater

Sequel to when I wanted to wear a red shirt to school…

Remember when I wanted to wear a red shirt on Friday of the first week of school, but cried because I had to end up wearing a white one instead, because the red shirt was tight? It happened to me in the third and fourth grades, if you have read my last story.


The magic wind didn’t happen again until it returned when I was in eighth grade. Except that in eighth grade, lot of things were different, like that was elementary school and this was middle school, instead of a shirt, it was a sweater, and instead of white, it was replaced with black, it wasn’t tight, no one in my middle school was supposed to wear red, it wasn’t part of my uniform, and it wasn’t even the first week of school. But what remained was that it was a Friday, and I wanted it in red, but because I couldn’t get it at first try, it saddened me so much that it made me cry. And it felt like a sequel to those years. So here’s how the sequel started.

It was Black Friday, and we decided to shop for new clothes at Macy’s. Already having a blue sweater in my closet and wanting something of a color other than black or white, I thought of having a red sweater, so I tried one on. But Dad didn’t like it, so he asked me to take it off. I felt a bit disappointed. Then Mom took me to the fitting room with three sweaters, all black, not the color I wanted. One was trimmed with white lace, another had pink and purple colorblock squares, and the third was trimmed with purple sequins and came with a matching colorblock scarf.

“Which one do you want?”Mom asked.

“None of these!” I bellowed. “I want a red sweater! Not black!”

I really wanted a red sweater and not a black one. And not even white, because I already had two of them in my closet, for school. I could have wanted purple or orange or even green, but just not black or white.

But Mom did not take any red sweaters, because she couldn’t find any good ones there, so she settled for the black sweater with the purple sequin trimmings and bought that one instead. And then we went home. Because Mom did not buy a single red sweater whatsoever, I was saddened so much that I couldn’t stop crying. Because I couldn’t stop crying, Mom made me sleep in the living room.

But good thing she didn’t buy any white sweaters this time.

The next day, I tried on the black sweater. It was too long. The sleeves were too short and loose, and the material was too scratchy. I didn’t like it much.

But it was Black Friday, not “Red” Friday, and that is why Mom chose to buy the black sweater and not a red one. But she didn’t buy white either, because it wasn’t even “White” Friday.

And the next week, Dad bought me an iPod touch. It was a surprise gift, and it was cool, but I still wanted that red sweater.

But I finally got the red sweater from JCPenney during the winter break, and I got happy. But did the red sweater get tight the next year? Absolutely not!!!

It was really silly of me to cry over such a red thing as an eighth grader and middle schooler, particularly on Black Friday, but sillier than third or fourth grade, especially the first week of school, because they are elementary schoolers, and moreover, babies, well, crybabies, or should I say, little kids, and they cry more than middle schoolers. Middle schoolers are expected to be more mature and caring about their work and less about clothes than elementary. Ditto to high schoolers as well. And I NEVER cried over a single red thing, be it a shirt or sweater, in my whole high school life. But I DID cry over a chocolate frog the week before senior year, which never happened in junior year or earlier, and it was the only time. And the second week of senior year, I wanted to go to that brand-new store Daiso, but had to go to only that boring, old Burlington, which Risu requested, and it annoyed me so much that it made me cry. It was even sillier, and moreover, more childish, for a high schooler of any grade to cry over such a candy or store. The older you get, the sillier it gets for you to cry over what you want.

But now consider this, had I been blind, I would not have been able to see colors and distinguish between red and black and white, and I would not have had to cry over the red sweater or even shirt. Isn’t that an advantage to blindness, right? But blindness has a lot of difficulties and disadvantages. So I wouldn’t have written this story or even drawn perfect pictures.

And yes, that’s the sweater I’ve been talking about.

Things That Make Me Feel…





Listening to music

Doing creative stuff, crafts, etc.

Making jewelry

Cute stuff

Cool stuff

Many songs by KK, Sonu Nigam, etc.

Going to H-Mart

Learning a language

Reading a favorite book

When I learned that there was no L in Japanese

Getting awards

Being class favorite in junior year

Hawk Pride in fourth grade

Many dance songs

Going to Wonderland

Glittery jars

Glowing stuff

Youth Art Month in second grade

Nat’s stories

Nick’s bison joke

Italian food

Green vegetables





French class

Any party song

Any classical song


Writing stories and poems

Original, unremixed versions of Daler Mehndi songs




Original, unremixed songs

Many songs based on raag Bhairavi

The Shrek musical

Strawberry milk

Hot chocolate

Colorful lights


Chocolate chip cookies

Snickerdoodle cookies


Katie Kazoo


When I wanted to wear a red shirt to school but had to wear a white one instead

Someone’s death

The Mouse’s Sorting Hat

When we went to only Franklin and not Hillcrest

Going to only Burlington and no other store

Any song from Sehra, like Taqdeer Ka Fasana

No awards for me in senior year

No candy from Northpark Mall

My good Hillcrest friends

Not going to H-Mart

When I wanted a red sweater but got a black one instead

Dad saying any negative word to me

Muller yogurt

Ms. Tomlin

Preserving memories

Many songs based on raag Yaman or Desh

People telling me that I can’t/am not allowed to do something

Not going to the place of my choice

Getting punished/grounded

Having bad days at school

Valley View Mall

My summer “break” after senior year

Tight clothes

Ripped clothes

When Risu rips or shreds or destroys my stuff

Deleted videos

Copyright claims


Too much homework

Too many questions

People asking me too many questions while I’m eating, sleeping, or busy

Korean noodles, particularly Samyang Fire noodles

No time for favorite stuff


Being called stupid

Anyone saying any negative word to me

Harsh language

Sexist language

Dad lecturing me in the car, particularly when I am listening to music on my phone

Being interrupted

Getting annoyed

Too many tests

Messed-up versions of Daler Mehndi songs



Anyone at school asking me, “I’m hungry. Can you please bring me something to eat?”

Not going to H-Mart for a long time

Dad eating whole time with TV off

Anyone at school asking to borrow my paper, pencils, etc.

Getting bogged down

Being asked, “What’s your last name?” by anyone



Senior year

18th birthday

Dentist appointments




Progress reports

Report cards

The day I will die

Mr. Schroeder

Dad coming to my room


Falling down

Being diagnosed with cancer or diabetes

Getting shot by a gun

Learning to drive

The day Mom will die(Don’t ask how!)

The teachers I don’t really like hearing about my negative opinions on them

Being tattled on

Getting punished(Don’t ask how, and don’t even ask by who!)

Dad walking into the kitchen when I am around

Dad asking, “Who is in the kitchen?”

Mystery questions

Anyone asking me, “Whom don’t you like in this class?” and moreover asking why and saying, “I’ll tell them you don’t like them”

Dad stuffing his mouth before he leaves the kitchen

Anyone ever asking me, “What’s your last name?”

Anyone asking me to say the full, actual, original, uncensored word, if referring to a rather bad, offensive word


Reading passages

Reading comprehension tests

Eggs cooked all by themselves, particularly hard-boiled eggs

Black-eyed peas

Beans(except green beans)

Dad’s really long lectures

Ms. Michelle’s bus

Junk food

Crab sticks

Any song from Jogi, particularly Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar

Sandy Cheeks, particularly the hibernating Sandy

Rotten food

Spoiled milk

Van Buren, AR

Spongebob’s sundae

Taylor Swift songs

Ghugni(a dish made with peas)

All the songs from Mera Vachan Geeta Ki Kasam

Mr. Kurtz’s precal class


The Guest(short story by Albert Camus)

Writing letters to school staff

Frozen alien sime

Fun Stuff I Rather Wish to Do Instead of Homework

I’ve just had a lot of history homework this weekend after a math test and no time for favorite stuff, particularly drawing, and it’s not fun at all! Rather, it’s boring, and it’s ANNOYING!

Had I not had to do all that stupid homework at this moment, I would have done these things instead, like:


•Writing stories

•Reading a book or article that I like to read from heart(NOT assigned reading)

•Making crafts

•Paper dolls


•Photo albums

•Making jewelry

•Listening to my favorite songs

•Song lists

•Learning languages

There are millions of things I really enjoy more than homework, but sorry, I have to do my homework, and homework is not a thing I really love to do. And whenever I have a lot of homework, I feel like a slave and a prisoner. But once I’m done with all my homework, then I’m gonna have enough time for all that fun stuff.

Knowledge is the Real Power!

How I overcame my needs in food and clothes and revived my interest in learning in third grade…

When I was in third grade, it was a year of needy beginnings, where I used to care more about food or clothes than the things I learned. The first week, particularly, was not the best or most exciting week of the year, because it was just the beginning, and I was not that experienced then.

When it was back-to-school season and we were shopping for my uniforms at JCPenney, we bought only white shirts and no reds whatsoever, because there weren’t any good ones left for me.

Then came the first day of third grade. I wore a white shirt.

Second, white again.

Third, white again.

Fourth, white again.
Fifth day, Mom handed me my red shirt from second grade. I was excited. But she said it was tight, so I had to change my shirt and end up wearing a white one instead. That saddened me.

At school, almost everyone else wore red shirts. I was so sad not to be one of them. I was so envious that I burst into tears on my way home.

I told Mom that I wanted to wear the red shirt to school and I needed a new one.

So we bought the red shirt the next day, and I felt happy. I did get to wear it the next week of school.

But they’re just clothes, and clothes are just for protection. But they were uniforms.

The next weekend, we went on a trip to Idabel, Oklahoma, and it was a forest-like area. When we were at the hotel, I was playing with my Madeline doll and Curious George stuffed animal and watching some shows on Disney Channel.

But when I was back at school, we were to write about our most recent trips. But instead of writing what I did there, I wrote about what I ate at the restaurants there, and my teacher, Ms. Sepulveda, didn’t like it. But I’m not going to mention what I ate there, for now I want to keep it secret, and that eating is just for survival.

And now to fast-forward to Thanksgiving break, we moved houses. At our new house, I felt more comfortable, and it felt more like a storybook adventure. I also watched Madagascar and Shrek. I even tried to create a story inspired by one of the books I had read in class, A Very Strange Dollhouse. Then I decided to make some paper dolls, so I tried to look for some blank dolls. It took me to a site called Making Friends, which had ideas not only for paper dolls but also other crafts. It was a cool page.

Another cool page I got into was MySlurp, sponsored by the Campbell Soup company, where there were a lot of cool games. 

And it was a fun, nice break. Guess third grade wasn’t becoming so bad after all.And the weekend after the break, I decided to play some fashion games, but then I got on a game in a language that I couldn’t understand then. Looking at the URL, it ended with, so it was a Korean game. Then I looked up the Korean alphabet.

But all of a sudden, Dad burst into my room and asked, “Can you learn Japanese?” So the first thing I searched for was the alphabet, and there were different types of alphabets. One strange thing I noticed was that there was no L, so I wondered how the Japanese would say Lebanon and searched it up. The word was Rebanon, so the Japanese replaced L with R. And it was a fun fact.

And that was the turning point of the year, plus it was my favorite part of third grade. Those rags from the first week had become riches after Thanksgiving break, and I was getting more curious and feeling cooler and deflated by then. I had now overcome my needs and felt like learning and doing creative stuff from my heart.

And learning Japanese was ten times more fun than crying over a red shirt, so rather than talking about what you ate or wore, it is more fun to talk about the things you learned, the books you’ve read, the songs you’ve heard, the crafts you’ve done, all the creative stuff you have done. Learning Japanese not only was fun, but it felt like going to a fantasy place, like Hogwarts, Narnia, Camp Half Blood, Disney World, Lotte World, the Chocolate Factory, or not to mention Wonderland. Learning takes you places, that eating or wearing can’t do. That is why knowledge is the real power.

And after discovering the no-L thing, I learned a few words, and I also enjoyed reading on sites like Wikipedia, Wiktionary,  and Omniglot. And I was getting more stuff and more info, and I felt like my world was expanding! Isn’t that great? That’s why knowledge is power!

See how much stuff I got by then! Now I felt like I had gained a lot of stuff! If you want this type of feeling, all you’ve got to do is learn something. Only then you can earn knowledge. That’s why knowledge values more than food or clothes or even shelter. To buy those things, you need to earn enough knowledge in order to be eligible to get them. So there is no substitute for knowledge.

And now to challenge you, how do you say red in Japanese? And what about white? House? Book? Doll?

Almister12’s Disney Hogwarts Series

Presenting the Disney Hogwarts series by almister12 on DeviantArt:


But that’s all for the series. Almister12 was such a three-picture wonder in the world of sorting the Disney characters into Hogwarts houses. You can view their account here: