Please Bring Back My Favorite Yogurt!

Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Muller to me, to me…


Once upon a time, in the good old days of the late summer of 2013, when I was a freshman going to sophomore year in high school, we went shopping at Walmart, but when we got to the dairy aisle, something caught my eyes. It was a new brand of yogurt. It was a rich, smooth, silky, thick, creamy, white, yet lowfat yogurt that came in different flavors and shapes. Its name was Muller, Muller yogurt. It came in Muller FrutUp, which was yogurt topped with bubbly fruit mousse, and Muller Corner came in a divided square container with yogurt on one chamber and the toppings, be it fruit, nuts, cereal, or choco balls, on the other.

I loved this new yogurt so much that I almost ate it for lunch everyday, especially at school. Eating this yogurt not only caught my tongue, but it made me feel like traveling around the world, especially going to Europe, particularly Germany, because it was a German-originated brand, and it had the motto “Muller: The European for Yummy”. It was so irresistible that it became my favorite brand of yogurt, even more than Chobani, Yoplait, or Dannon. The Muller yogurt was produced in the Batavia factory of New York and run by Muller Quaker Dairy, a joint venture of leading oatmeal brand Quaker and leading European(particularly German) brand Muller.

My favorite Muller FrutUp flavors were strawberry, peach and passion fruit, and orange. They were sweet, a bit tart, and bubbly. But the lemon one was my least favorite, because of its overly bitter, not so sweet flavor.

And on to Muller Corner, the choco balls were my favorite, because they looked very playful and entertaining.

And in early 2015, that was my junior year, there came the ice cream variety, which resembled a healthier version of ice cream.


But something evil happened in late 2015, or senior year. Muller and Quaker decided to exit their joint venture Muller Quaker Dairy and close their factory. The Muller yogurt line was fading, because and it was all gone by the gloomy summer of 2016, where I had no time for fun stuff. Those were the dark days.

But as the summer was ending, I saw the Chobani flip, that reminded me of Muller Corner.


It tastes delicious, just like the Muller Corner, but I still miss Muller. I miss Muller yogurt and the good old days of 2013-mid 2015, forever. I wish Muller Quaker Dairy was still running, the factory was still open, and the Muller yogurt would still be sold. Please bring back my favorite yogurt! RIP(Return if possible) Muller yogurt!

Author: sparkly84

I am a random blogger, Potterhead, and Disnerd, who likes drawing, listening to music, and thinking of evergreen days.

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