Things That Make Me Feel…





Listening to music

Doing creative stuff, crafts, etc.

Making jewelry

Cute stuff

Cool stuff

Many songs by KK, Sonu Nigam, etc.

Going to H-Mart

Learning a language

Reading a favorite book

When I learned that there was no L in Japanese

Getting awards

Being class favorite in junior year

Hawk Pride in fourth grade

Many dance songs

Going to Wonderland

Glittery jars

Glowing stuff

Youth Art Month in second grade

Nat’s stories

Nick’s bison joke

Italian food

Green vegetables





French class

Any party song

Any classical song


Writing stories and poems

The song Tunak Tunak Tun, but only the original version




Original, unremixed songs

Many songs based on raag Bhairavi

The Shrek musical

Strawberry milk

Hot chocolate

Colorful lights


Chocolate chip cookies

Snickerdoodle cookies



When I wanted to wear a red shirt to school but had to wear a white one instead

Someone’s death

The Mouse’s Sorting Hat

When we went to only Franklin and not Hillcrest 

Going to only Burlington and no other store

Dad calling me stupid

Any song from Sehra, like Taqdeer Ka Fasana

No awards for me in senior year

No candy from Northpark Mall

My good Hillcrest friends

Not going to H-Mart

When I wanted a red sweater but got a black one instead

Dad saying any negative word to me

Muller yogurt

Ms. Tomlin

Preserving memories

Many songs based on raag Yaman or Desh

People telling me that I can’t/am not allowed to do something

Not going to the place of my choice

Getting punished

Having bad days at school

Seanut Brittle

Valley View Mall

My summer “break” after senior year

Tight clothes

Ripped clothes

When Risu rips or shreds or destroys my stuff

Deleted videos


Too much homework

Too many questions

People asking me too many questions while I’m eating, sleeping, or busy

Korean noodles, particularly Samyang Fire noodles

No time for favorite stuff


Friends calling me stupid

Friends saying any negative word to me

Harsh language

Sexist language

Dad lecturing me in the car, particularly when I am listening to music on my phone

Being interrupted

Getting annoyed

Too many tests

Messed-up versions of Daler Mehndi songs



People at school asking me, “I’m hungry. Can you please bring me something to eat?”

Not going to H-Mart for a long time

Dad eating whole time with TV off

People at school asking to borrow my paper, pencils, etc.

Getting bogged down


Senior year

18th birthday

Dentist appointments




Progress reports

Report cards

The day I will die

Mr. Schroeder

Dad coming to my room


Falling down

Having cancer or diabetes

Getting shot by a gun

Learning to drive

The day Mom will die


Reading passages

Reading comprehension tests

Eggs cooked all by themselves, particularly hard-boiled eggs

Black-eyed peas

Beans(except green beans)

Dad’s really long lectures

Ms. Michelle’s bus

Junk food

Crab sticks

Any song from Jogi, particularly Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar

Sandy Cheeks, particularly the hibernating Sandy

Rotten food

Spoiled milk

Van Buren, AR

Spongebob’s sundae


Fun Stuff I Rather Wish to Do Instead of Homework

I’ve just had a lot of history homework this weekend after a math test and no time for favorite stuff, particularly drawing, and it’s not fun at all! Rather, it’s boring, and it’s ANNOYING!

Had I not had to do all that stupid homework at this moment, I would have done these things instead, like:


•Writing stories

•Reading a book or article that I like to read from heart(NOT assigned reading)

•Making crafts

•Paper dolls


•Photo albums

•Making jewelry

•Listening to my favorite songs

•Song lists

•Learning languages

There are millions of things I really enjoy more than homework, but sorry, I have to do my homework, and homework is not a thing I really love to do. And whenever I have a lot of homework, I feel like a slave and a prisoner. But once I’m done with all my homework, then I’m gonna have enough time for all that fun stuff.

Worst Song and Worst Story…

The worst song I’ve listened to, and the worst story I’ve ever read, what a coincidence…

It was the middle of my college freshman year, and I accidentally got on this song. Its name was Ab Mujhe Chand Sitaron Ki Zaroorat Na Rahi, and it was from the film Jogi. It sounded like a 60’s-ish song, but the film was released in 1982. It was a so-so type song, but then I looked up the other Jogi songs. The songs included Ek Bhooli Yaad Ne, Insaan Ko Hey Kartar, Tune To Jogi Jog Liya, and then there was Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar. And when I heard Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar, it sounded so painful that it felt like I felt some thick liquid, probably alien’s slime or radioactive hazardous waste or even Lugol’s solution, oozing out of my ears. It was a bad voice, ugly voice, cacophonic voice, whoever sang that song! Utter rubbish and scrap junk and alien goop of a song! One of the worst songs ever sung, even worse than any Honey Singh or any unremixed Daler Mehndi song! So painful and unbearable! That’s why no one likes to hear this song!


Meanwhile, it was the week of late February to early March, and I had a lot of tests and homework to do. And in English class, I had to read that passage called The Guest by Albert Camus, and it reminded me of that annoying song, because I found it an irrelevant, existentialist, dumb plot with characters with alien-type names and a dull, obscure setting, and moreover, an unbearable story and a gross, disgusting reading.

The Guest was about an Algerian schoolmaster named Daru who was given a task by his gendarme Balducci to take care of an Arab prisoner, but the prisoner chose to go his way back to prison.

And while I had to write an essay reflecting that story, I was brooding of Zyria annoying me by asking me too many questions during lunch in senior year, the worst year of my life, because it was annoying as that song, and it was such an unbearable moment for me. And I had absolutely no time to draw or do any favorite stuff! Unbearable song, unbearable story, unbearable memories, what an unbearable day for me!

“I don’t like the name Daru!” I thought and felt, but couldn’t say, because I had to concentrate writing on the story itself. “What an ugly name! I really dislike this passage! It is so absolute trash! I’d rather read about Rafe or Katie! I’d rather do anything than read this garbage!”

Like the way my good friend Will felt about reading The Handmaid’s Tale in junior year. And he did get to express his dislike of that story, particularly saying it to me. But I couldn’t say it out loud, even in class, that was the worst part!

And it was such an unbearable week!

But the next week, the tests were done, and we were done with that grossest reading! That meant it was going to be a smooth, free-bird week! What good news!

And instead of brooding of Zyria, I decided to change my mind and dream of my good friend Jake, talking random stuff, and I had enough time for favorite stuff, so I drew a picture of him standing on top of the world. And instead of that evil song, I felt like listening to Bol Radha Bol, one of my favorite songs. And Bol Radha Bol is a million times better than that piece of garbage, and listening to good songs prevents my ears from bleeding and is good for health. And that day was a winner. And with all that positive thinking, I felt so relieved!

So if you don’t like a song, then don’t listen to it again, but if you do, you will get harmed in some ways, like earaches, headaches, and bloody ears. But if you listen to the songs you like more, you will get fewer chances of those harms, and you will get cured so easily.

But you will get more chances to read the stories you like more, so do more of those you don’t really like much until you are done with it.

So think positive, think of your best friends, think of the best moments, listen to your favorite songs, and you’ll feel great!

Knowledge is the Real Power!

How I overcame my needs in food and clothes and revived my interest in learning in third grade…

When I was in third grade, it was a year of needy beginnings, where I used to care more about food or clothes than the things I learned. The first week, particularly, was not the best or most exciting week of the year, because it was just the beginning, and I was not that experienced then.

When it was back-to-school season and we were shopping for my uniforms at JCPenney, we bought only white shirts and no reds whatsoever, because there weren’t any good ones left for me.

Then came the first day of third grade. I wore a white shirt.

Second, white again.

Third, white again.

Fourth, white again.
Fifth day, Mom handed me my red shirt from second grade. I was excited. But she said it was tight, so I had to change my shirt and end up wearing a white one instead. That saddened me.

At school, almost everyone else wore red shirts. I was so sad not to be one of them. I was so envious that I burst into tears on my way home.

I told Mom that I wanted to wear the red shirt to school and I needed a new one.

So we bought the red shirt the next day, and I felt happy. I did get to wear it the next week of school.

But they’re just clothes, and clothes are just for protection. But they were uniforms.

The next weekend, we went on a trip to Idabel, Oklahoma, and it was a forest-like area. When we were at the hotel, I was playing with my Madeline doll and Curious George stuffed animal and watching some shows on Disney Channel.

But when I was back at school, we were to write about our most recent trips. But instead of writing what I did there, I wrote about what I ate at the restaurants there, and my teacher, Ms. Sepulveda, didn’t like it. But I’m not going to mention what I ate there, for now I want to keep it secret, and that eating is just for survival.

And now to fast-forward to Thanksgiving break, we moved houses. At our new house, I felt more comfortable, and it felt more like a storybook adventure. I also watched Madagascar and Shrek. I even tried to create a story inspired by one of the books I had read in class, A Very Strange Dollhouse. Then I decided to make some paper dolls, so I tried to look for some blank dolls. It took me to a site called Making Friends, which had ideas not only for paper dolls but also other crafts. It was a cool page.

Another cool page I got into was MySlurp, sponsored by the Campbell Soup company, where there were a lot of cool games. 

And it was a fun, nice break. Guess third grade wasn’t becoming so bad after all.And the weekend after the break, I decided to play some fashion games, but then I got on a game in a language that I couldn’t understand then. Looking at the URL, it ended with, so it was a Korean game. Then I looked up the Korean alphabet.

But all of a sudden, Dad burst into my room and asked, “Can you learn Japanese?” So the first thing I searched for was the alphabet, and there were different types of alphabets. One strange thing I noticed was that there was no L, so I wondered how the Japanese would say Lebanon and searched it up. The word was Rebanon, so the Japanese replaced L with R. And it was a fun fact.

And that was the turning point of the year, plus it was my favorite part of third grade. Those rags from the first week had become riches after Thanksgiving break, and I was getting more curious and feeling cooler and deflated by then. I had now overcome my needs and felt like learning and doing creative stuff from my heart.

And learning Japanese was ten times more fun than crying over a red shirt, so rather than talking about what you ate or wore, it is more fun to talk about the things you learned, the books you’ve read, the songs you’ve heard, the crafts you’ve done, all the creative stuff you have done. Learning Japanese not only was fun, but it felt like going to a fantasy place, like Hogwarts, Narnia, Camp Half Blood, Disney World, Lotte World, the Chocolate Factory, or not to mention Wonderland. Learning takes you places, that eating or wearing can’t do. That is why knowledge is the real power.

And after discovering the no-L thing, I learned a few words, and I also enjoyed reading on sites like Wikipedia, Wiktionary,  and Omniglot. And I was getting more stuff and more info, and I felt like my world was expanding! Isn’t that great? That’s why knowledge is power!

See how much stuff I got by then! Now I felt like I had gained a lot of stuff! If you want this type of feeling, all you’ve got to do is learn something. Only then you can earn knowledge. That’s why knowledge values more than food or clothes or even shelter. To buy those things, you need to earn enough knowledge in order to be eligible to get them. So there is no substitute for knowledge.

And now to challenge you, how do you say red in Japanese? And what about white? House? Book? Doll?

I Don’t Like Daler Mehndi Anymore…

How I grew tired of Daler Mehndi…

Once upon a time, I was a baby, and I loved Daler Mehndi songs, particularly Tunak Tunak Tun, that I used to jiggle and wiggle to them.

And when I was in second grade, Rang De Basanti came, and I was surprised to hear Daler Mehndi singing the title song.

And the summer between my fifth and sixth grade years, I used to watch a show called SaReGaMaPa L’il Champs. On the weekend before my sixth grade year, they were playing the Daler Mehndi episode, and my favorite part was Yatharth singing Tunak Tunak Tun.

And the next year, as seventh grade was approaching, there was a show called SaReGaMaPa Singing Superstar, and Daler Mehndi was one of the judges. The other judges were Vishal-Shekhar and Sajid-Wajid.

But when I was in eighth grade, I had no attachment with Daler.

But when I watched the Indian version of Nyan Cat in my high school freshman year, it had Tunak Tunak Tun as the background music, and it revived my interest in Daler’s songs. After looking up the original, which had four Daler clones based on the four elements, I also heard his other songs, like Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Ho Jayegi Balle Balle, Jalwa, and La La Dum, and I started loving that guy again!

But on the second day of sophomore year, Dad burst into my room and said, “They cut out the meat of Daler Mehndi?!” It was really a mean, insulting quote. How stupid and aggressive Dad was!

And when Bina Didi came to my home, I told her about my interest of Daler Mehndi songs, she said, “I don’t like Daler Mehndi at all. His dance moves in La La Dum are stupid. I prefer listening to Mika Singh.”

But after Bina Didi left, I was getting less interested in Daler’s songs.

In junior year, I listened to Hum Raks from Kaafila, and I was surprised to hear Daler Mehndi singing, with Sukhwinder Singh, but I was not too crazy about Daler then. I was more in balance with other singers.

But in that infamous senior year, I had overdosed on Daler Mehndi, instead of balancing singers. I had been addicted to the reversed version of Tunak Tunak Tun, and I had laughed too much. Dad said, “Daler Mehndi is nothing to laugh at.” But I drew a portrait of Daler Mehndi.


And a 3D drawing of him.

3D Daler Mehndi by SparklyBlueRoses84

And weeks after my college freshman year, I saw a lot of sped-up, slowed-down, G-major, bass boosted, and ear-raped, or in one word, distorted, versions of many Daler Mehndi songs, mostly Tunak Tunak Tun, that I grew tired of Daler and decided to switch to other singers, like KK, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, or Sukhwinder Singh, or even ancient-era singers, like Mohammed Rafi or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. And having listened to those singers, there was more balance and no distortion or cacophony. Now that I am in my first week of my college sophomore year, I don’t like Daler Mehndi anymore, I’m already tired of him, and I should probably stay away from his songs. And when I wanted to draw a picture of myself with a band of singers, I really did not want to include Daler in the picture.

Not That Bad, and Not Much of a Rap by SparklyBlueRoses84

The singers in the picture, from left to right, are Sonu Nigam, KK, Shaan, and Sukhwinder Singh. No Daler. See?

Guess it’s better to listen to other singers and stick to the original, unremixed versions.

Almister12’s Disney Hogwarts Series

Presenting the Disney Hogwarts series by almister12 on DeviantArt:


But that’s all for the series. Almister12 was such a three-picture wonder in the world of sorting the Disney characters into Hogwarts houses. You can view their account here: